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High Impact Educational Practices: A Review of Best Practices with Illustrative Examples


Despite pleas from faculty to use strong Internet sources, students continue using more convenient search methods. Emphasizing the value gleaned from a strategic search, this lesson walks students through each step in responding to a case study of a patient inquiring about wearable devices for prevention of skin cancer. Students begin by learning how to compose an answerable question and use this question to select their search keywords. Then, students will use google, google scholar and pubmed to retrieve a set of citations. Using the evidence-based pyramid as a tool to discriminate better references, the class will compare and contrast citations pulled from each of the three sources, as well as citations pulled using varying keywords. Finally, there will be a discussion critiquing an article assigned for pre-class reading, using the tools from this lesson.

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Society for the Teaching of Psychology

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Becoming Our Own Bloodhounds: How to Seek and Find the Information We Need