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Journal of the Michigan Dental Association


Antibiotic stewardship is an integral practice for the dental team to ensure a safe dental visit for patients. Now, with clinical practice guidelines and state toolkits, more dentists are aware of and actively practicing antibiotic stewardship. With the application of antibiotic stewardship practices, dentists are identifying the need for additional tools to enhance practice. For example, one need that has been identified is a tool for screening patients for true penicillin allergies. The Penicillin Allergy Assessment Tool (PAAT) is a decision-making tool that can be used chairside to screen patients who report an allergy to penicillin. After screening, dentists can refer and collaborate alongside the health care team to recommend testing, and confirm the information in the medical record. If the allergy is confirmed, the health care team may recommend the use of alternate antibiotics, and/or desensitization therapy if indicated. For patients who find that they do not have an allergy, the health care team can update the documentation in the medical and dental record(s), and suggest the return to use of first line antibiotics, including beta lactams, when indicated.

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