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A tinted photograph of George J. Conley, MD, DO, at his home in Kansas City, Missouri. Conley received a degree in osteopathic medicine from the National School of Osteopathy in 1901 and a medical degree from the Eclectic Medical University of Kansas City in 1902. A surgeon, he served on the faculty of the Central College of Osteopathy until leaving and founding the Kansas City College of Osteopathy and Surgery with eleven other DOs in 1916. As an MD Conley could practice surgery in the allopathic hospitals in Kansas City but his osteopathic students were denied such privileges, so he founded Lakeside Hospital in 1923. He was also instrumental in the building of Conley Hospital in 1936. Conley held leadership positions in many surgical and osteopathic associations and was President of the American Osteopathic Association from 1934-35.


osteopathic medicine, medical education