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Postcard shows the names and portraits of faculty from the Central College of Osteopathy.

It is postmarked July 30, 1908, and names the faculty members William C. Thompson, M. J. Kilroy, Alma C. Kinney, Jas. L. Lowe, Geo. J. Conley, R. R. Meyers, Wm. Brumm, B. W. Lindberg, J. L. R. Marsh, C. M. Coe, C. W. Martin, Geo. Moffett, J. W. Parker, Bertha F. Whiteside, J. W. Hofsess, J. S. Harrington, Mary E. Smith, and Harriet N. Crawford.

Conley, Lowe, Crawford, and Parker would leave in the Central College and in 1916 help establish the Kansas City College of Osteopathy and Surgery, known today as Kansas City University.


osteopathic medicine, medical education

Faculty of Central College of Osteopathy: Kansas City, Mo., 1908-09