Date Submitted


Faculty Advisor

Sarah E Getch, PhD

Second Faculty Advisor

Esperanza Anaya, PhD

Third Faculty Advisor

Amy Sickel, PsyD


A systematic literature review was conducted to examine current research for the etiological cause of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), assessment tools, and appropriate diagnosis across the identified disciplines of obstetrics-gynecology (OBGYN), primary care physician (PCP), psychiatry, and psychology. The study aims to examine the status of research to explore the need for a multidisciplinary approach in future PMDD research. This review helps to illuminate the significance of PMDD as a diagnosis, differentiate PMDD from similar diagnoses, and reveal the knowledge gap across disciplines regarding treatment of the disorder. The studies reviewed include an examination of the etiological cause, assessment tools, and diagnosis of PMDD in each of the disciplines. The PICO framework was used as a guide for inclusion criteria with search terms and databases being recorded throughout the process of this systematic review. This study found discrepancies in the etiological cause, assessment tools, and diagnosis of PMDD indicating the need for an integration of disciplines to consistently diagnose and treat PMDD across women’s health. These variables are recorded in tables to evaluate the methodologies used across disciplines.