Date Submitted


Faculty Advisor

Sarah E Getch, PhD

Second Faculty Advisor

Esperanza Anaya, PhD

Third Faculty Advisor

Sherri Theoharidis, PhD


Diabetes is a chronic healthcare condition that is frequently associated with other comorbid illnesses, such as eating disorders. Diabulimia is an eating disorder where individuals with diabetes mismanage their diabetes treatment in order to lose weight. Because diabulimia is such a complex disorder, diagnosis and treatment planning can be challenging for healthcare providers. The aim of this study is to create an integrated, comprehensive understanding of relevant literature. The clinical research question is to find what the best evidence is- based treatment methodology for individuals with eating disorders and diabetes, nonadherence to diabetes treatment, and diabulimia. A systematic review will be conducted using specific key terms. The key search terms that will be used represent the concept of intentionally manipulating diabetes medicine in order to regulate weight. Keywords that will be used include: “Diabetes and Disordered Eating treatment”, “Diabetes and Eating Disorders treatment”, “Insulin Restriction Treatment”, “Insulin Omission Treatment”, “Treatment for eating disorders associated with diabetes”, and “Diabulimia treatment”. The terms will find treatment themes and organize them for future reference in literature. The results from this study could help find which interventions work well streamline treatment methods between eating disorders and nonadherence to diabetes treatment in order to create better treatment programs and prognoses for individuals with diabulimia.