Evaluation of the Completeness of Intervention Reporting in Cochrane Surgical Systematic Reviews Using the TIDieR-SR Checklist: A Cross-Sectional Study

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BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine


Introduction: Complete reporting of systematic reviews of interventions is essential to the interpretation of research findings and the reproducibility of research results. The Template for Intervention Description and Replication (TIDieR) checklist-and the version specific to systematic reviews (TIDieR-SR)-was created to provide authors and researchers an evidence-based guide for reporting trial and systematic review interventions. In this study, we apply TIDieR-SR to Cochrane systematic reviews of surgical interventions.

Methods: We searched the Cochrane Database for relevant systematic reviews. Two investigators applied inclusion/exclusion criteria to all titles/abstracts and full texts. These same investigators extracted all data in duplicate while masked to the other's data. The primary outcome was adherence to TIDieR-SR items.

Results: Two hundred and thirty-eight systematic reviews were included. Overall, included SRs adhered to a median of 6 (IQR 5-7) out of eight TIDieR-SR items. The item with the lowest adherence was item 7 (share intervention materials, 1/238 (0.4%).

Discussion: Our results are encouraging, but the generalisability of our findings is compromised by the inclusion of only Cochrane systematic reviews. Future reporting of intervention materials is likely to improve the application of effective surgical interventions in the clinical practice.



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