E-Cigarettes: Facts for the Osteopathic Family Physician

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Osteopathic Family Physician


Electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular in the United States, but misperceptions among consumers are common. There is a sense that they are safer than traditional cigarettes, however, there is limited research on long-term effects regarding the safety of these devices. They have not been proven to be efficacious for use in smoking cessation. The toxic effects may be increased in those using cartridges with flavoring compounds in the solution. The younger demographic is more likely to utilize e-cigarettes, especially flavored versions, than traditional cigarettes. Manufacturers are aware of this and produce flavoring additives such as bubble gum and cotton candy to sell more of these products. Parents may be unaware that their children use e-cigarettes as a delivery mechanism for cannabis. Osteopathic physicians should be aware of the health risk of e-cigarettes to their patients, and counsel appropriately.

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