Videoconference Based Training on Diabetes Technology for School Nurses and Staff: Pilot Study

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Journal of Pediatric Nursing


Purpose: Children with diabetes spend a significant portion of time at school and in school-related activities and rely on school nurses for diabetes management support. Diabetes technologies are rapidly evolving, and there are no standardized competencies or training programs for school personnel providing diabetes care.

Design and methods: A virtual diabetes education program was provided to school nurses and staff in 3 Florida school districts. Program feasibility was measured by attendance; acceptability was measured with a usability survey; and efficacy was measured by participants' improvements in scores on pre- and post-training knowledge assessments. Descriptive statistics were generated and improvements in knowledge were evaluated via t-test. P-values <0.05 were considered significant.

Results: Pilot survey data (n = 91) revealed high demand for diabetes technology and basic management education among school nurses and staff. Eighty-eight school personnel from 64 schools attended the training, with 67 participants completing the demographic survey and at least one of the pre- and post-training assessments. Post-test scores demonstrated mean + 10.6% absolute improvement on the diabetes technology subscale, +11.5% on the basic management subscale, and + 10.9% on the ketone management subscale, all p < 0.001. Fifty-three participants completed the usability survey with 92% reporting they benefitted from training.

Conclusions: Virtual training is feasible and acceptable for delivering diabetes technology education to large numbers of school personnel. Study results demonstrate improved diabetes knowledge.

Practice implications: Establishing a standardized training program on diabetes technology for school personnel can optimize diabetes care in the school setting.



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Diabetes, School nurse, Technology, Training, Videoconference