The Necessary De-Stigmatization of Mental Health Promotion for Sports Injury Prevention and Performance

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The Journal of Medical Research


Mental health promotion for athletes remains a controversial topic that has yet to receive necessary attention. While there has been some progress regarding mental health promotion in recent years, the stigma regarding mental health promotion for athletes still remains. Athletes at all levels face immense pressures from their sport which has the potential to lead to chronic stress and mental health conditions that can lead to a decrease in athletic performance and potential sports injuries. In dealing with this, athletes may not have the necessary resources and may be stigmatized for addressing their mental health. In order to keep athletes healthy and performing at the highest level, we must break down the stigma regarding mental health promotion for athletes. In addition to breaking the stigma, resources for mental health counseling must be increased, athletic cultures and communications improved, and regularly screening athletes for mental health conditions. Mental health promotion must be de-stigmatized for athletes as it is necessary for sports injury prevention and peak athletic performance.



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Mental Health, Injury Prevention, Sports Medicine, Performance