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Arthroscopy, Sports Medicine, and Rehabilitation


Purpose: To evaluate the role of concomitant partial rotator cuff repair (RCR) (i.e., infraspinatus) on patient-reported clinical outcomes following superior capsule reconstruction (SCR).

Methods: Postoperative recovery outcomes of SCR alone were compared with SCR with concomitant infraspinatus rotator cuff repair (SCR+RCR) at 3, 6, 12, and 24 months. Patients were included if they had an SCR surgery with or without a concomitant infraspinatus repair. Patients were excluded if they did not have a minimum of 6 months' follow-up or if a preoperative baseline questionnaire was not performed. Outcome measures included pain visual analog scale, American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons (ASES) Shoulder Function, ASES Shoulder Index, and Single Assessment Numeric Evaluation (SANE) score.

Results: Overall, 180 patients were evaluated, including 163 patients who underwent SCR alone and 17 patients who underwent concomitant infraspinatus repair (SCR+RCR). There was no difference in demographic data including age, sex, and body mass index. The postoperative recovery curves demonstrated SCR alone and SCR+RCR both provide significantly improved pain and functional scores at 2 years postoperatively (P < .001). When we compared the 2 groups, SCR+RCR provided significantly improved ASES Index (87.6 vs 78.2, P = .048) and ASES Function (25.5 vs 21.7, P = .02). There was no statistically significant difference in SANE scores (75.5 vs 64.2, P = .07) at 24 months' follow-up.

Conclusions: SCR provides modest improvements in pain and function at 2 years postoperatively in patients with irreparable rotator cuff tears. Patients who underwent SCR and concomitant infraspinatus repair demonstrated significantly improved ASES Index and ASES Function scores and statistically nonsignificant improvement in SANE scores at 24 months postoperatively when compared with SCR alone.

Level of evidence: III, retrospective cohort study.



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Postoperative recovery outcomes, concomitant partial rotator cuff repair (RCR), superior capsule reconstruction (SCR)