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Emergency and Critical Care Medicine


Background: Sepsis has high prevalence and mortality rate, and it is imperative to identify populations at risk of poor sepsis outcomes. Septic patients with preexisting chronic comorbidities are shown to have worse sepsis outcomes. By identifying comorbidities with greater influence on sepsis progression, we can direct limited resources to septic patients with comorbidities and reduce health care costs. Chronic comorbidities can impact the risk of developing sepsis and having worse outcomes. Coronary artery disease (CAD) is a common comorbidity, especially in the elderly, and a leading cause of death globally. We wished to investigate the influence of CAD as a comorbidity on sepsis and hypothesized that preexisting CAD would increase mortality in hospitalized septic patients.

Methods: We conducted retrospective observational study using patient data from Freeman Health System in Joplin, MO. We analyzed patient records from Freeman Health System database from January 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020. Septic patients were identified using the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision sepsis codes. To identify septic patients with preexisting CAD, we used International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision codes for CAD. We compared mortality rates for septic patients with and without CAD.

Results: Two-sample proportion test was conducted to test the difference in mortality between septic patients with and without preexisting CAD. The difference in mortality for the total population was −0.016 (P = 0.553). In the male and female subgroups, the differences in mortality were 0.0122 (P = 0.739) and −0.0511 (P = 0.208), respectively. The differences in mortality in patients aged 40 to 64 years and 65 years and older were −0.0077 (P = 0.870) and 0.0007 (P = 0.983), respectively. The statistical tests failed to find significant differences when comparing septic patients with and without preexisting CAD. There was no significant difference in the age and sex subgroups.

Conclusion: Our study showed that CAD alone was not associated with higher mortality due to sepsis in our population.



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Comorbidity, Coronary artery disease, Inflammation, Mortality rate in sepsis prognosis, Sepsis